It’s a Seller’s Market But You Still Need to Stage to Sell!


You are in a seller’s market now and that means that there are more home buyers than actual houses listed for sale. AS IS has become much more the norm.

Staging was awesome when houses sat on the market for several months at a time and statistics advertised that staging sells homes 88% faster. However, with the market the way it is now, and homes selling within a week of listing, you might wonder why staging is still necessary.

You have to realize that staging is not just about selling a home faster, but about creating an emotional connection with the potential buyer. Falling in love with the home is especially important in a seller’s market in order to make the highest possible profit on every listing.

The purpose of staging is to make buyers fall in love with the home. Every home is someone's dream home, and staging minimizes any perceived negatives and maximizes the perceived positives.


  1. Staging makes the buyer invest emotionally.

Staging a home makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. This increases the perceived value of the home and connects the buyer emotionally to it. This leads to higher offers!

  1. Staging adds that little extra touch that can draw buyers in and keep them interested.

With the market the way it is, buyers often make offers out of fear rather than love, and, when the inspections take place, buyer’s remorse can happen. If they are not in love with the home, they are more likely to back out.

  1. Staging can help buyers overlook needed repairs.

Over 25% of buyers overlook property flaws if the home is staged. Staging puts less weight on minor renovations that need to be made and helps the home feel as new as possible so there are fewer objections.

  1. MLS photos of staged homes get more views.

Even in a hot market, buyers still rely on photos to decide if they want to see a house. Almost all home buyers start their search online and visual cues are persuasive for home buyers. The quality of your online presence will strongly influence a buyer’s decision. Once your online presence has drawn them in, seeing the home staged in real life will seal the deal.

  1. Staging makes homes look bigger.

Interestingly, vacant homes can actually feel smaller than homes that are fully furnished. Staging scales the house and helps buyers see the full potential. It isn’t uncommon for buyers to request all the staging furniture and accessories in the contract 😊.

  1. Home staging statistics show it is an amazing investment!

The average staging investment is 1% of the sale price and the additional returns on the investment average between 5-15% over asking!


A minimal investment can make the buyer fall in love and offer more! Don’t let that opportunity pass you by! Contact me to get the process started.